About North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry

The North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry, is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit that was established because of a need for the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park to have a voice. Marylu Weber had already been documenting and photographing these horses since the 1980's, recognizing that they were special and deserving.

The non-profit North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry was established to register, promote, appreciate and preserve the wild horses of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota that are unique to the area.

The North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry was granted 501 (C) (3) status on 11/12/09, our federal tax ID # 27-1450477

The Team

MaryLu Weber - President

Marylu Weber has been loving and riding horses for over 60 years. She and her husband have been riding in TRNP since the mid-1980s so it was natural to start photographing the wild horses. She started volunteering for TRNP in 1999, identifying, naming, and documenting the horses for the park. When another roundup was scheduled for 2009, Marylu felt the need to start an organization to promote the horses and build a network of owners. She and her husband founded North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry that year and it has since acquired nonprofit status. In the past years over 170 horses have found good homes because of friends and followers, and 2015 marks the very first year of a Partnership with TRNP by which NDBH will be able to receive wild horses as they are removed from the park and place them with loving families. Marylu has gentled 4 of the wild horses and now enjoys her best equine buddy, Hawk, removed in 2009 as a yearling. Her years of training horses in English, Western, and Driving prepared her for this fascinating and rewarding endeavor.

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Amber Cory-Gonzales - Vice President

Amber Gonzales is a Treasury Manager for Dillard’s Inc., one of the nation’s largest fashion specialty retailers based in Little Rock, Arkansas. She assists the Treasurer on day to day operations as well as any specialty projects. Prior to joining Dillard’s in 2008 she was a Branch Manager for US Bank, one of the nation’s largest banks based out of Minnesota. She holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Health Education with an emphasis on Promoting Community Health Awareness. She is a member of the American Quarter Horse Association and was appointed a Board Member of North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry in January 2015. Her first visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park was in the summer of 2013 and has since been visiting the park several times a year photographing and advocating for the wild horses that live within. Amber and her husband are now the proud owners of Little Red, a yearling filly born wild in Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

Henry Weber - Treasurer

Henry purchased his first horse in 1981 from the local auction barn. Tucker became an all around Western event and games horse in the Bismarck Horse Club Playdays. He was also a great trail horse for the family recreation of riding in the North Dakota Badlands. Henry switched to hunter jumper competition in the 90’s. He began volunteering for Theodore Roosevelt National Park in 1999 and has assisted with identification of the horses at the wild horse roundups. In 2003 he purchased his current trail horse (Ember’s Fire) at the sale following the roundup. He has been Treasurer of North Dakota Badlands Horse Registry since its start in 2009. Prior to retirement in Oct. 2008 Henry worked as an Engineer/Engineering Manager for Bobcat Company for 31 years.

Maggie Bauer - Board Director

Maggie Bauer received her bachelor of animal science degree from Colorado State University. Her grandfather facilitated her love for horses with her first riding lesson, on a pudgy Quarter horse, at the age of 8. She has been growing her love for horses from college and beyond. She is an Certified Equine Specialist through EAGALA (Equine assisted growth and learning association). She served as the lead coordinator for the Theodore Roosevelt National Park (Thro) wild horse research project for 3 years, from 2011 to 2013. Maggie was also an integral part of the 2013 round up of the wild horses at Thro. She continues to grow her love and passion for horses by incorporating horses into her educational classes about Grief.

Gwen Badar - Board Director

Gwen and her husband Dave Spong own and operate Hopkins Pet Hospital specializing in Orthopedic Rehabilitation. Gwen is the Practice Manager and a Certified Veterinary Technician with a true sense of business and love of animals. Her work experience covers many facets that have been beneficial to the NDBH and advocating for the wild horses that call Theodore Roosevelt National Park home. Being the proud owner to three NDBH wild horses and also a very active trail rider has brought Gwen experience that she is always willing to share with others.

Jamie Baldanza - Board Director

As far as Jamie could remember her love of horses was as strong as the necessity to breathe. As a little girl she would spend hours drawing and perfecting every muscle in the horse without ever touching one. Finally, at the age of 10 her mom agreed to let her fly out to Colorado to spend the summer with her aunt and volunteer on a working horse ranch. Here, she learned all aspects of the horse, furthering her passion and extreme drive to be constantly surrounded by these beautiful souls. However, when Jamie turned 18, she was encouraged to use to her talents and go to an art school in NYC. She remained in NYC for 12 years in the advertising world as an Art Director for major advertising agencies. Horses were never far from her mind. As horse slaughter became a bigger issue in the US, she started to learn more about America's wild horses. Constantly learning, and finding ways to help, Jamie came across North Dakota Badlands Horse and found within them a passionate group of people, which inspired Jamie to use her skills to help promote the organization. Jamie and Mike (her husband) are now proud herd members of two mustangs Valor ( A TRNP horse), Flax (Pryor Mustang) and Matilda, her first quarterhorse, two dogs Rizzo and Casper, and two cats Pepe and Muffin in NJ.

Neali Austin - Board Director

Originally from Greenville, SC, Neali has had a strong love for horses as far back as she can remember. She has never owned a horse, but growing up she took riding lessons, went on trail rides whenever she was in a place that offered them, and visited family friends with horses. She always wanted to see the horses of the “wild west” and finally at the age of 13, her dad took her on a trip to North Dakota where they visited TRNP and she first saw the wild horses there. Over the next 10 years she was able to visit the park two more times, and in the fall of 2014, she and her husband moved to Dickinson, ND. Being a photography lover, she spent as much spare time as she could out in the park with the horses photographing and getting to know them. It was during this time that she got in touch with NDBH and started volunteering with them. She was even able to work as a field technician on the Colorado State University feral horse birth control study for the months of June and July in 2016. In September of 2016, she and her husband made the decision to move to Asheville, NC to be closer to family. Neali works in the clinical research field, but in her spare time she loves to hike, camp, and spend time with her husband and orange kitty, Billie.

Kathe Linde - Board Director

Born and raised and lived all my live in the Northern part of Minnesota, the land of ten thousand lakes and big timber. I have two children, a daughter and a son, and two wonderful grandsons whom I adore. I have worked most of my adult life in the bookkeeping and accounting field. Currently working part time and looking forward to retirement. My favorite hobby is riding horse, or doing anything “horse” related. For over 20 years I raised registered AQHA and APHA horses but now am the proud owner of 3 horses and one donkey. I love to travel. Most of my adventures take me West. I love the mountains and the wildlife.

Brenda Heilman - Board Director

Brenda, her husband Kevin, & their family operate their family farm/ ranch in north central North Dakota (ND). She also works full time for the ND Department of Human Services building online trainings, consulting, & managing their Learning Management System. Riding since she was 3 years old, Brenda’s favorite place is on the back of a horse on a sunny day. She’s spent many hours keeping their family’s cattle and horse herds healthy & happy, putting her Animal Science degree from NDSU (go Bison!) to use. After family trips to Medora as a kid, she spent a college summer there guiding trail rides in Theodore Roosevelt National Park (TRNP) & decided that would be her retirement job if the plan to be a chauffeur for the Budweiser Clydesdales doesn’t pan out. The more Brenda learned about NDBH, the more impressed she was. She believes NDBH is an innovative solution that partners public and private resources to manage TRNP’s horse herd. Brenda purchased, Massachusetts, her first NDBH horse in the fall of 2016 and she can’t wait to ride her in the park in a few years.

Danielle Dudash - Board Director

Growing up, Danielle always had a passion for animals, especially horses. At the age of 13, her mother gave her her first horse; a black 2 yr old Arabian/Mustang filly, Sikana (pictured left) taking the world by storm, the two of them grew up together and developed a bond unlike any other. Pursuing her love for animals, Danielle obtained a Veterinary Medicine degree in 2012 and a Bachelor's in Business Management in 2016. She currently owns and resides at her farm, Elysian Fields in St. Louis, Missouri, where she gentles and trains wild horses that have been adopted from organizations such as the BLM and TRNP/NDBH. Currently, Danielle personally owns 5 horses including Sikana and a branded Mustang she named "Nevada". Horses aren't the only animals that take up residency with her; 30+ chickens, a few barn cats and a couple Australian Shepherds also call Elysian Fields "home". When not playing with her animals, Danielle enjoys traveling the country and internationally with her fiancé, Zach, reading books, painting, kayaking and adding collectables to her ever growing Beauty and the Beast obsession.